School children grow Garvinea® for the international finale at Floriade 2012

3 February 2012

Due to the great success of last year’s Garvinea® School Project in England, which was initiated by British Gardening Guru Peter Seabrook, this year Florist Holland B.V. – the Garvinea® breeding company from the Netherlands – has decided to take the school project to the next level. Supported by the Floriade Kids organization and the Belgium Plattelands-klassen (Soc.for Rural Classes), the project will expand internationally. School children in England, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium will compete with each other for the title of Best Garvinea® Grower during the School Garden Olympics 2012.

scholenproject.jpgGarvinea®, a textbook example
Next week children of 100 British schools and around 50 German, Dutch and Belgium schools will get their hands dirty, while starting off with the new edition of the Garvinea® School Project. Garvinea® is a robust, colourful and playful garden plant with a very unique feature: it abundantly flowers from early spring until the onset of frost. That is why Garvinea® is a true Power Flower! Because of its simple flower shape and its many brigh colours, Garvinea® is the ultimate children’s flower: ask a child to draw a flower and it will draw a Garvinea®. Now teachers of the 4 countries will take on the easy-to-grow Garvinea® as a textbook example to explain children how to grow and take care of garden plants, from roots to flowers, from potting to hardening.

School Garden Olympics
This year’s theme “School Garden Olympics” will contain an exciting international competition element, towards a grand finale at Floriade 2012 in Venlo the Netherlands. On the 5th of May the 10 best little growers of the 4 countries will proudly present their garden plant to an international panel of judges at Floriade 2012. Floriade is a World Horticultural Exposition that is held every 10 years. It is a unique event that is going back 52 years and offers a spectacular theatre of nature. Children are one of the most important target groups for Floriade, offering an interactive and highly educational program especially focused on youngsters.

To read the Belgium Press Invitation for project kick off, click: persuitnodiging_kick_off_garvinea_school_battle.pdf